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Bumble BLS

What is BumbleBLS?

Bumble BLS is a brand new bilateral stimulation system designed especially for children, with options for older clients as well. Our multipurpose products have a range of distinct uses for EMDR specialists, Play Therapists and parents. Our collection consists of buzzies (aka “tappers”), light bars and toys, along with a beautifully illustrated children’s book and accompanying interventions workbook aimed at helping children achieve emotional regulation by accepting and learning from difficult feelings.
The concept behind Bumble BLS is simple: harnessing the therapeutic power of bilateral stimulation with kid-friendly tools. By sending gentle vibrations back and forth, Bumble BLS can impact the brain in ways that can promote therapeutic progress or emotional regulation. Our buzzies are versatile enough for use in, EMDR, active play therapy sessions or simply for emotional regulation at home. Bumble BLS buzzies can be used in conjunction with our LED light bar for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)..
Developed by Play Therapist Lauren Stockly, Bumble BLS is an essential tool for parents, play therapists and EMDR specialists. When Ms. Stockly began using EMDR therapy with her clients, she was amazed at the powerful healing effects of bilateral stimulation–but she wanted tools that were suited to the needs of children. A product that was fun, durable, and free of wires that would inhibit expressive play is the basis of Bumble BLS.
To make her dream a reality, Lauren enlisted the help of her friend and neighbor, Dan Busby, a Caltech trained engineer who has designed and built everything from aerospace to a robotic bartender. Together, they created a durable, affordable and fun product designed to increase access to bilateral stimulation by meeting the distinct needs of parents, play therapists and EMDR specialists.