Bilateral Stimulation Tools

Buzzies (Coming May 2021)

Bumble BLS Buzzies work by sending gentle vibrations back and forth between two small  units that you can hold in your hands, mount on watchbands or place in our custom kid-friendly sweatbands. When placed on either side of the body, these vibrations alternate from side to side, mediating the body’s stress response while promoting calm and focus.  Buzzies can be used preventatively, during times of stress, or even during therapy sessions. Bumble BLS Buzzies can also be set to vibrate periodically to help refocus attention or remind users of particular coping skills.



  • Wireless use
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Controlled manually or through our Bluetooth app
  • Adjustable speed and customizable vibrations
  • Easy to clean (spray with disinfectant or wash with soap and water)
  • Durable, water-proof and sand-proof
  • Made with high quality materials, including medical grade silicon 
  • Can be used alone or synced with our Light Bar or app for use during EMDR therapy
  • Comes with two nylon adjustable watch bands
  • Fits any 18mm universal quick release band so you can personalize your style
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Light Bar (Coming September 2021)

The Bumble BLS Light Bar is a portable solution for EMDR therapists at a competitive price. With no wires to get in the way, it can be easily folded and stored when not in use. The Light Bar has a built in stand that allows it to be placed on a table or self, along with an attachment for a universal tripod. Use it alone or sync it with our Buzzies.


  • Wireless
  • Speed and brightness controls
  • Hundreds of color options
  • Can be operated manually or remotely by app
  • Use it alone or sync it with Bumble BLS Buzzies
  • Eco-friendly packaging