About Bilateral Stimulation

About Bilateral Stimulation

We have all felt our “fight or flight” instinct kick in while experiencing a tense situation. But that doesn’t mean we were in physical danger. In today’s world, we may feel the “fight or flight” urge when confronted with public speaking, a tough work assignment or a difficult conversation with a loved one. These situations can cause the nervous system to flood the brain with stress hormones. However, with bilateral stimulation, we can tap into the body’s natural ability to regulate emotion.

Bilateral stimulation is typically achieved by introducing vibrations to left and right sides of the body in an alternating rhythmic fashion. However, bilateral stimulation can also be induced through eye movement and other sensory triggers. (Visit our Products page for premium bilateral stimulation tools). Bilateral stimulation can help restore a sense of calm before, during or after times of stress, and can help the brain reprocess traumatic memories during Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

When the brain is overstimulated or when it is shut down, its ability to process emotions is inhibited. By disrupting the body’s fight or flight response, bilateral stimulation helps keep the brain within its “window of tolerance,” the level of cognitive arousal that is ideal for processing emotion. Bilateral stimulation is a powerful tool for both children and adults that can be used to facilitate EMDR therapy, improve the effectiveness of talk therapy, encourage healthy emotional responses during play therapy or provide a sense of calm at home, school or work. With Bumble BLS Buzzies, you can carry the power of bilateral stimulation in your hand, in your pocket or on your wrist.

Coming Spring 2024

Buzzies from Bumble BLS are a new generation of bilateral stimulation devices currently in production. Designed by a practicing therapist to meet the demands of EMDR and beyond, Buzzies provide wireless control via Bluetooth connectivity with durable, waterproof construction. Buzzies also sync with a Bumble BLS app where users can create and save precise settings.

Due to the global semiconductor shortage impacting electronics manufacturers, Buzzies are now expected to launch in spring 2024. Sign up here for email updates to get the latest information on new features, production timelines and more.

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