iOS/Android App

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.

Customizable Control

With the Bumble BLS app you can control your Bumble BLS tools with a simple tap. Quickly and easily adjust the speed and intensity of your Buzzies and Light Bar. Plus, the Light Bar even changes color!  The Bumble BLS app will soon be available for iOS and Android in both English and Mandarin.

Soothing Sights and Sounds

The Bumble BLS app also includes bilateral visuals that can be used in place of the Light Bar, as well as a bilateral music and sound that moves back and forth through the stereo field to support bilateral stimulation aurally. Music and visuals available through the app sync seamlessly with Light Bars and Buzzers for multi-sensory benefits.


✔️ All app features are included in free download

✔️ Control Bumble BLS Buzzies from your smart phone

✔️ Adjust speed and intensity with the tap of a finger

✔️ Pair Buzzies with audio and visual bilateral stimulation