Play Therapy

During play therapy, bilateral stimulation can improve emotional regulation by helping clients stay within their window of tolerance. With their kid-friendly and convenient design, Bumble BLS Buzzies are perfect for play therapists who want to use bilateral stimulation with their clients. Bumble BLS Buzzies can be worn on wristbands, held in special sweatbands, or placed in a client's pockets while they play. With a water- and sand-proof build and no wires to worry about, Buzzies are the perfect solution for adding bilateral stimulation to play therapy. Plus, Buzzies can be controlled remotely during telethealth sessions.

Coming Spring 2024

Buzzies from Bumble BLS are a new generation of bilateral stimulation devices currently in production. Designed by a practicing therapist to meet the demands of EMDR and beyond, Buzzies provide wireless control via Bluetooth connectivity with durable, waterproof construction. Buzzies also sync with a Bumble BLS app where users can create and save precise settings.

Due to the global semiconductor shortage impacting electronics manufacturers, Buzzies are now expected to launch in spring 2024. Sign up here for email updates to get the latest information on new features, production timelines and more.

Bumble BLS Buzzies product photo
Bumble BLS Buzzies packaging render
Bumble BLS App screenshot