Be Mindful of Monsters

Literature and Interventions for Emotional Acceptance

“Be Mindful of Monsters”is a storybook written to  help children understand and cope with powerful feelings. Written by child therapist Lauren Stockly (LCSW, RPT-S, ECMHS, PPSC) with illustrations by celebrated artist Ellen Surrey, the book follows a gender-neutral nine-year-old name Ezzy, whose feelings of anger, sadness and worry have grown into monsters. With a compelling story and diverse characters, the book explores the challenges and benefits of accepting uncomfortable emotions. “Be Mindful of Monsters” is perfect for reading at home, in a therapy setting or in school as part of Social Emotional Learning.

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The“Mindful Monsters Therapeutic Workbook”brings the characters and lessons of “Be Mindful of Monsters” to life with over 100 pages of fun and engaging interventions. Created and curated by Lauren Stockly (LCSW, RPT-S, ECMHS, PPSC) with standout illustrations by Ellen Surrey, this workbook is designed for use on its own, or as an enriching companion to the “Be Mindful of Monsters” storybook. The “Mindful Monsters Therapeutic Workbook” incorporates a range of therapeutic modalities and concepts that can be personalized by therapists, teachers and parents to meet the unique needs of each individual child as they learn to accept their emotions, both big and small.

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  • Reader's Favorite Book Award Winner
  • Book Excellence Awards Winner
  • Best Selling Author Award
  • E.L.L.A. Kindness Certified Award
  • Approved Provider of Play Therapy Continuing Education Approved Provider Award
  • Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention Award