Bilateral Stimulation Tools

Bilateral Stimulation Tools

B-Pulse (Summer 2024)

The Bumble BLS B-Pulse work by sending gentle vibrations back and forth between two small units that you can hold in your hands, mount on watchbands or tuck in our plush kid-friendly cases. This gentle side-to-side sensation helps to mediate the body’s stress response while promoting calm and focus. B-Pulse is optimized for both EMDR and Play Therapy, and can even be used preventatively during times of stress.



  • Wireless use
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Controlled manually or through our Bluetooth-enabled app
  • Adjustable speed and customizable vibrations
  • Easy to clean (spray with disinfectant or wash with soap and water)
  • Durable, water-proof and sand-proof
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Can be used alone or synced with bilateral audio and visuals in the Bumble BLS app
  • Comes with adjustable, removable wrist bands
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Light Bar (In Development)

More on the Bumble BLS light bar for EMDR therapists coming soon.


  • Wireless
  • Speed and brightness controls
  • Manually or remote operation
  • Use independently or sync with B-Pulse
  • Eco-friendly packaging


Bumble BLS App (Available Now)

Customizable Control

The Bumble BLS app lets you control the B-Pulse tools remotely with ease. Quickly adjust the speed, duration and intensity of the vibrations, and save your custom presets. Download free from the App Store or Google Play. 

Soothing Sights and Sounds

The Bumble BLS app also includes sync-able EMDR visuals and bilateral music for multi-sensory benefits.

Free Download from App Store or Google Play

The Bumble BLS app is available now for iOS and Android devices.