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BLS buzzies (Out of Stock)

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Bumble BLS Buzzies work by sending gentle vibrations back and forth between two small units that you can hold in your hands, mount on watchbands or place in our custom kid-friendly sweatbands. They are designed to meet the needs to child therapists conducting EMDR therapy.

Wireless use
Magnetic charging
Controlled manually or through our Bluetooth app
Adjustable speed and customizable vibrations
Easy to clean (spray with disinfectant or wash with soap and water)
Durable, water-proof and sand-proof
Made with high quality materials, including medical grade silicon
Can be used alone or synced with our Light Bar or app for use during EMDR therapy
Comes with two nylon adjustable watch bands
Fits any 18mm universal quick release band so you can personalize your style
Eco-friendly packaging

Included Items:
Bilateral Stimulation Buzzies
Dual-head magnetic charger
Two adjustable wristbands
IOS/Android App included