EMDR Therapy

As the leading treatment for trauma, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) has helped countless people live happier and more fulfilling lives. Bumble BLS Buzzies provide wireless, app-controlled vibrations with variable speed and intensity, engaging the nervous system and allowing clients to become more fully immersed in the therapeutic process.

In September 2021, you can take your practice to the next level with the Bumble BLS Light Bar. Sleek, lightweight and wireless, the Light Bar syncs seamlessly with the Buzzies through the Bumble BLS app for easy visual tracking with customizable colors and variable speeds. Use the built-in stand or set it up on a tripod of your own.

Play Therapy

During play therapy, bilateral stimulation can improve emotional regulation by helping clients stay within their window of tolerance. With their kid-friendly and convenient design, Bumble BLS Buzzies are perfect for play therapists who want to use bilateral stimulation with their clients. Bumble BLS Buzzies can be worn on wristbands, held in special sweatbands, or placed in a client’s pockets while they play. With a water- and sand-proof build and no wires to worry about, Buzzies are the perfect solution for adding bilateral stimulation to play therapy.

Adult Therapy

Even if you aren’t using EMDR, Bumble BLS Buzzies can help improve the effectiveness of therapy for your adult clients. By creating bilateral stimulation, Buzzies regulate the central nervous system and promote a sense of calm that will widen the window of tolerance for exploring difficult or painful emotions.

Home Use

Clients can also use Buzzies at home for resourcing or to help regulate the nervous system as a coping tool. Under the guidance of a therapist, buzzies can be used to regulate the nervous system in the home. Settings for home use are limited to slow BLS vibrations that can fair with calming BLS music. Because of the capacity to stimulate sensory changes outside of conscious control, Bilateral stimulation is not recommended for people with dissociative disorders, complex trauma or severe mental illness (ex. Schizophrenia, etc) without guidance from a therapist.